The Restaurant


As if taken straight from a postcard, that is what the view of the Camp de Mar bay (Majorca) looks like, seen from the terrace of the Flor de Sal Restaurant. Majestic, eternal and placid.

An unrivalled setting that, together with a vanguard style cuisine, makes up the ideal combination to celebrate special occasions, romantic dinners, family meals and friends' get-togethers.

With the motto “FiveFoodSenses”, Jonay Hernández creatively and painstakingly prepares each and every one of the dishes that come from his stove.
He uses local products from the Balearic Islands as a starting point for his creations, contemporary dishes in which he fuses the Mediterranean style that we all know with different culinary traditions which he has discovered during his travels around the whole world.

The Flor de Sal Restaurant has a wide ranging, varied menu, in which original tapas by the author and vanguard cuisine creative dishes are to be found. Freshness and cultural memory, originality without losing sight of traditional culinary tradition, are its hallmarks.

They say that variety lies in taste, so let us not forget vegetarians, vegans and celiacs or children who, although small in size, are not so in importance. Varied menus adapted to every need, we would like to give each and every one of you the opportunity of eating at Flor de Sal.

Furthermore, we pay special attention to the quality and sustainability of our ingredients, we actively work with the “Save the Tuna” campaign, meaning we have not served red Mediterranean tuna for a few years.

A creative and simple cuisine, a welcoming atmosphere and spectacular views, make the Flor de Sal an ideal spot from where to enjoy a unique experience in Majorca.

“FiveFoodSenses” by Jonay Hernández will stimulate your five senses.